Brit Milah Meal (Seudah) at Hospital’s* Cafeteria in Los Angeles after circumcision in our private Operation Room probably for the first time.

This month we had a privilege of doing a kosher Brit Milah in our private Operation Room. Our office is located at Cedar Sinai Office Towers*,  8635 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles.  The family later followed the circumcision with a customary meal in the hospital’s Cafeteria. This might have been the first time for such an event in the hospital. We had the honor of presence of Rabbi Ezra Douek as the sandek.

Please note that circumcision before the 8th day is invalid even if performed by a Jewish doctor or a Mohel.  Our clinic allows a kosher bris by a Mohel and doctor in a clinic/hospital environment after the 8th day.

There are many medical advantages to circumcision after the 8th day including reaching the appropriate vitamin K after 1 week which is very important in blood clotting.




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