bris-los-angeles-mohel-lowA Modern Day Story of Self Sacrifice of a Mother in Los Angeles for Brit Milah of Her Baby

We had a special Brit Milah in Los Angeles this month for a family who are currently residing in an army base more than 3 hours away from Los Angeles.  The father of the baby is currently in an army training base far away from any Jewish neighborhoods.

When the mother of this special baby went to labor early she had to find a substitute for the mohel that she had planned to fly in.  Instead of conveniently getting a regular circumcision in her local hospital or clinic by a regular doctor she decided to find a mohel eventhough that meant she had to travel for many hours.  This is because she realizes well that a regular circumcision is not the same as a Brit milah and in her own words “Brit milah is very very important.”

So, she traveled a total of more than 7 hours in one day to come to Los Angeles on the day 8th of her Son’s birth to get a kosher Bris in Los Angeles.  She also brought along her husband, mother and her other child along the way on this long commute.

I hope all the dear moms out there follow in the foot steps of this smart mother and find a good mohel for their precious baby instead of taking the easy way out and getting a circumcision in hospital or clinic.  Besides keeping our tradition alive there are many other advantages to Brit Milah out of hospital including faster procedure and no risk of wound infection from the hospital environment. Also, instead of restraining the infant as they do in the nurseries the family gently holds the baby in place. Since a circumcision before day 8 is invalid as a bris the baby is allowed to get stronger and healthier before the procedure.

We reproduce the same sterile environment used in hospitals and we have anesthesia options far more superior than those commonly used in the hospitals. We can also work with any insurance and match the price of the hospital even if it would be zero out of pocket.

How far are you willing to go to do the best thing for your baby and to get your son a kosher Brit milah?



A Modern Day Story of Self Sacrifice of a Mother in Los Angeles for the Brit Milah of Her Baby