We are proud to be the premier clinic for circumcision for older & High Risk babies in Los Angeles.

We had 3 circumcisions in our Los Angeles clinic yesterday with ages ranging from 2 weeks old to 2 months old.  We also circumcised another two infants this week which one of them was also 2 months old.


older baby circumcision Los Angeles

Some of these babies were born premature, had an infection or open heart surgery.

Almost no pediatrician or obstetrics or urologist circumsie infants older than 1 month old due to the difficulty of these circumcisions.  There are very few urologist in Los Angeles that preform circumcision for older babies.  The few doctors who do preform circumcision require general anesthesia or strap the babies to a board. In addition we preform far more circumcisions than most urologist in Los Angeles.

However Dr. Nourparvar has great experience and training in circumcision for older babies. We don’t use a board and we are able to circumcise safely and comfortably without general anesthesia.

As an experienced Mohel in Los Angeles Dr Nourparvar is able to preform a kosher bris or ritual circumcision for Jewish babies at home, synagogue or surgical procedure room in Los Angeles and in cedar Sinai medical plaza.