​”I Can’t Believe he is not Crying!” Circumcision Does Not Have to be Painful! Best Painless Circumcision in Los Angeles

This was the comment of the mother of one of our babies that had a circumcision in our Los Angeles clinic last week. The mother was very amazed and she stated that his baby cries even when she changes his diaper and now he is not even Crying when he is getting circumcised! 

Another happy mother also wrote us a review this month mentioning again that her baby did not cry during the circumcision and the injection.

Also, it is always great that our old patients refer their family to us and after their great service they in turn other families to us as was the case this mother:

“my cousin recommended you for the circumecision”

“and one last thing i wanna tell you .. my sister in law is giving birth by February and shes having a boy too .. so i recommended u and they are going to contact you as soon as she gives birth 🙂    “

Another grand mother we spoke with stated that her experience always with her 5 boys has been that they all had painful circumcisions.  We had to explain to her that it does not have to be like that.

Another reviewer wrote:

Arnold P.

“Great; professional and personal. Excellent result – Mom felt re-assured, baby never cried, and proactive follow up contact.”

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In infants and newborns pain is not easily assessed and crying is not always a sign of pain.  The only way to monitor this would be by monitoring blood pressure and heart rate which is not routinely done in any clinic.   The infant may cry for many different reasons including feeling wet from the cleaning solution, may not want to be on his back, and may be hungry or colicky.  Any time the person is numb he may still feel pressure or pulling since it involves a different pathway not blocked by injections and pain medication but is not necessarily in pain.  Please note that results can vary from patient to patient and we do not provide any grantee regarding amount of crying of patients.  However, we use a combination of many different safe techniques, topical and oral medication in addition to injection that are not sued by other doctors to make the patients most comfortable.