Mohel Los Angeles: Insurance payments for Brit Milah (Bris) & circumcision


Insurance payments for Brit Milah (Bris) & circumcision accepted now grouphealthinsurancecompanies419qpeVjAiLdue to high demand by Los Angeles Mohel & Doctor

Doctor with more than 9 years experience with the safest & most gentle technique. You may have to pay zero or little out of pocket for Bris or circumcision.

Avoid exposing your infant to hospital acquired infections such as MRSA wound infection. Dr. Nourparvar can perform the same sterile circumcision technique done in hospitals in the comfort of your home or in a clinic.   Dr. Nourparvar is a mohel & Physician according to the Jewish laws.

Possible covered plans include blue cross, blue shield, Cigna, Pacificare, Celtic, Aetna, Humana, Assurant, Kaiser PPO.

We are currently servicing most areas in California specially in Los Angles area.

Please contact us for more information.
310-807- 6147

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