Mohel Los Angeles

If you are looking for an experienced and expert Mohel in Los Angeles for the bris (Ritual Circumcision) of your baby you have come to the right place.

To make a reservation please email us at or call us 323 207 6334

Dr. Nourparvar besides being a board certified physician, is also trained as a Mohel to preform Brit Milah in Los Angeles.  He has training for many years by one of Los Angeles’ top Mohels, Rabbi Moshe Wieder.  Rabbi Wieder has been Trained and certified by the famous Mohel, Rabbi Yosef Yossele’ Weisberg of Jerusalem.

He performs Brises at home, synagogues, temples, clinics or hospitals in Los Angeles as a Mohel when needed.

What is a Mohel?
If you are looking to have your infant circumcised and looking for a Mohel in Los Angeles to preform the ceremony then you would need a to hire a Mohel to preform the Brit Milah and do the naming ceremony on day 8 or later.

Mohel is usually a trained individual who performs the procedure. They are usually Rabbis who have training in this field. A Jewish doctor who is trained and observant of the Jewish Customs, specifically who observes the Sabbath/Shabbat can be used as a mohel to preform the circumcision. It is important to select someone who is observant and would preform the bris which is a covenant which is more than just a circumcision. Dr. Nourparvar has training in Yeshiva of Ner Yisrael (Rabbinical College) and regularly studies advanced topics in Talmud and Jewish law. He hes regular learning in medical ethical issues with the famed retired Mohel Dr. Jacob Fleishman. Dr. Fleishman has been performing numerous brises along over 20 years in Southern California.