Dr. Nourparvar is being presented with the Prestigious Motif Award for Advancement of Health today at Walt Disney Concern Hall. Walt Disney Concern Hall seats more than 2000 guests.

Please see details below regarding the award.


Greetings Dr. Nourparvar, 

Thank you for your acceptance of the “Advancement of Health Award”

Honorees for the 2015 Motif Awards Ceremony will be honored on Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 8:00 p.m. (PST) at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, California.


The Motif Awards Foundation and Walt Disney Company are currently in collaboration in presenting the 

2015 Motif Awards Ceremony.  

As you know the Motif Awards is the official global recognition award and nation’s highest honor for youth advocacy; this National Ceremony will be modeled as a national historic moment of our country’s history; in honoring the world’s top leading child advocates. 

This ceremony will honor those who have made significant contributions in the areas of social services, education, or humanitarian services and have created, managed or otherwise supported a sustainable program that has significantly contributed to children’s opportunities to Be Safe, To Learn or To Grow. 

The Motif Awards ceremony will also recognize the outstanding work of individuals who have dedicated their time to fighting indifference, intolerance and injustice and whose accomplishments are consistent with the goals of the Motif Awards.

Guests will include leaders from major fashion houses, Wall Street, Hollywood, international corporations, charities, and celebrities who support this worthy cause. 

Guests will also have an opportunity to join us on the Red Carpet as well as experience an energetic cocktail hour following the ceremony, where he will have an opportunity mix and mingle, sample appetizers and meet other Honorees and special guests in person. Dress attire for this extravagant evening is formal for all attendees.

The Motif Awards Foundation works closely with a breadth of business, education, community, and industry leaders in highly engaging and intellectually stimulating hands-on projects that foster innovation, improve health & wellness, affirm college as an expectation, and promote careers across STEM industry sectors; providing youth with real world project experiences that promote self-confidence, while accelerating career development & leadership skills.

Projects are youth centered, and many are designed to raise awareness around tough community issues. Activities range from food drives, healthy-living campaigns and community clean-ups, to peaceful human rights rallies and large-scale vaccination campaigns in developing countries. At least 1 million young people, global and national partners are expected to participate in our upcoming initiatives.The Motif Awards Foundation continues to strive to meet the educational, social and emotional needs of children, through education, leadership, and partnership projects worldwide.

Motif Awards Foundation provides an educational leadership and personal development experience, which lays the foundation for projects that sparks community involvement and personal growth. Our projects gives youth the tools to develop the essential life skills to become a leader in their own lives, communities and in a globalized world. We support these goals through many different initiatives and projects across the globe; collaborating with like-minded organizations all over the world to develop projects that promotes learning, leadership development, and civic/community engagement. 

Motif Awards Foundation continuously seeks out new partnerships with individuals and organizations that share passion for youth empowerment, education and leadership, and truly believe in the power of youth.Our support will generate continued strength to the life and work of child advocates across the globe.

This evening is simply created to celebrate, recognize and elevate those selfless individuals who make a difference in the lives of children here in the USA and across the globe, regardless of political, religious or geographical boundaries. These courageous leaders recognize that our children are the world’s most important asset. Their stories are heroic. 

This presentation will also be presented to honor our (Young World Championinspiring children that has overcome a year(s) of extreme challenge, and has made strategic and deliberate efforts to exceed beyond the limits of their circumstance and a world of many challenges. 

Thank you so much for your support as we know your presence will not only encourages our committee but will also inspire the 2.5 million children who are served through the work of our programs.

Thank you for your commitment to the world of our young champions! 



National Project Director 

Walt Disney/ Motif Awards Foundation