New Amazing Breakthrough Technique for Painless Circumcision with Pain-Free Injection with NO Clamping & No Bleeding Available Now in Los Angeles.


Using the vast knowledge and latest and safest techniques in Urology, Dermatology, Anesthesiology, Wound Care and Pain Management & using the best practices used by Mohels Dr. Nourparvar has developed the last painful, fastest and safest techniques in circumcision in Los Angeles and Southern California.
Our technique has been proven to be far superior than the methods used in hospital nurseries and other doctors by modifying and using least painful techniques in circumcision.

Up to now the the three most used instruments Gomco, Plastibell and the Mogen Clamp use a crushing mechanism to control bleeding. This can cause unnecessary pain for the infant. In case of the Mogen Clamp there have been cases of injury to the head of the penis as reported here in LA Times. The Rabbanut of Israel has also banned this instrument due to concerns for unnecessary pain and other problems with kashrut for brit Milah (Ritual Circumcision.)

Instead of using the Mogen clamp for all cases we have reserved this instrument only for special cases and instead use the Mogen shield routinely. To control the bleeding during circumcision we use effective plastic, safe and painless instruments used in advanced urology surgeries instead of the metallic painful instruments used by other doctors for circumcision.
Dr. Nourparvar is the only doctor that offers this special technique in Los Angeles.

Research has shown that neither injection or cream by itself provides proper pain control, which is commonly the case in hospitals. Therefore, we use a combination of safe medications that allows us to make the injections pain free. This makes the whole process of circumcision less painful than the regular vaccination!

We also use other methods to make the baby comfortable during the circumcision. We don’t strap the baby to a board during circumcision. We don’t try to hide anything and we allow the parents to watch the whole procedure and comfort the baby. This is not done in hospitals and other clinics!

At the same time we comply with the Jewish laws and traditions in all aspects for ritual circumcision ie. Bris.